Doctor Who, Sherlock, and drowning in beer

We introduced the kids to the 2005 Series of Doctor Who last weekend and it was an instant hit. They haven’t seen any Doctor Who before and now they’re fans for life. I wouldn’t be surprised if Daniel gets himself a Tardis one day. The special effects haven’t changed much in 40 years and some of the aliens look like they’re wearing recycled Teletubbies costumes but that’s all part of the appeal. If it wasn’t funny and borderline silly, kids would find it scary.

Ben and I also started watching the BBC’s Sherlock which has my favourite actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, in it. He’s the best actor of his generation and he’s brilliant as Sherlock Holmes. Martin Freeman is equally superb as Doctor Watson. The screenplay is also very good and funny in parts. How have I not discovered this show before?

I have good news regarding the war with Mr. Slug. A couple of days ago I put some bowls of beer in the greenhouse and look what I’ve caught so far:



1 snail
1 slug
1 wasp
3 x unknown flying insects

I did feel a bit bad about the snail and the slug but I suppose there are worse ways to go than drowning in beer.

4 responses to “Doctor Who, Sherlock, and drowning in beer”

  1. Discovered doctor who entirely by accident before it became a hit here in the USA. It is a great show, the first series of the new who can be a bit cheesy at times but the humor is so much fun.

    Sherlock is amazing. I like the Sherlock Holmes books and find this Tv adaptation to fit the books well.

    1. I used to watch Doctor Who when I was a kid but not since then. It is a great show. A timeless classic. Sherlock is even better though. I can see why it won so many awards.

  2. Big Doctor Who fan here … been watching it since I was a kid … and that’s the old series, back in the late 70s, with Romana and the Tom Baker version of the Doctor. Pretty soon they’ll be saying “fantastic”, “allons y”, and “geronimo”

  3. […] had anyone heard. On the gardening front, I’ve caught so many slugs and snails in my beer traps that I’m beginning to wonder how any vegetables survived at […]

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