When is it ok to trash your family on TV?

I haven’t watched the final three instalments of the latest Dynasty family drama on Netflix so this is just all hypothetical and I have no personal opinion whatsoever because I can’t comment on something I haven’t watched. But I am always interested in hypothetical ethical situations and so what if Netflix offered you £100 million to trash your family on TV. Would you take it?

What if you donated all the money to good causes that helped children and animals and generally did lots of good things to make the world a better place? Would that change your decision?

What if the family you were trashing were in on it and you all agreed to split the money? Does that change your decision?

When is it ok to trash your family on TV?

3 thoughts on “When is it ok to trash your family on TV?”

  1. I haven’t watched it either, but I saw a trailer and Meghan Markle was very good in it. I can see why it may be popular, as she comes across as plausible. I’m not saying she’s correct in what she and Harry are doing or saying, but whatever she is she’s good at it, from the little I saw. Would I publicly trash my family for an eye-watering amount of money? Personally, I’d say I wouldn’t, but then I don’t have to make my living by selling ‘me’ as a brand. Meghan and Harry have made themselves a brand, and maybe people will do anything to sell it once they do that.

      1. Yes, that seemed well-balanced. I have only followed the drama very superficially, but would probably never know the full extent of it anyway. I don’t admire them for airing all their dirty laundry as they’ve done and playing the victim card. It’s nasty and undignified, and no one will ever trust them enough now to be sure that they mightn’t be next.

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