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  • Helen Bur art in Aberdeen #nuart

    Helen Bur art in Aberdeen #nuart

    I was very excited to see this art by Helen Bur on the side of a building in Aberdeen. It’s terrific. The couple in the scene are friends of hers who have recently had a baby. You can watch a timelapse of her creating it here – Time-lapse of artist Helen Bur creating the last […]

  • Street lego art

    Street lego art

    I was walking around central Aberdeen today and found this crumbly building that had been patched up with lego bricks. Those colored bits are lego. Here’s another photo, zoomed in. There are even some lego doors and windows there. It’s very clever. Just around the corner from the lego is the Aberdeen market and the […]

  • Half my life

    Half my life

    I’m 45 today. If I’m lucky enough to live to 90 then I have lived half my life. I hope I’m still riding my bike at 90. You’re only as old as you feel or, as Groucho Marx once said, “You’re only as old as the woman you feel”. I heard another quote recently that […]

  • Street art

    I saw this fantastic street art in Aberdeen yesterday. I think it’s new because I haven’t seen it before. It’s on Justice Mill Lane near the junction with Bon Accord Terrace.

  • Street art Aberdeen

    Street art Aberdeen

    Last night we went for a walk around Aberdeen to look at some street art. The Nuart Festival was on in Aberdeen over Easter and 11 international street artists added some colour to our city. That was very nice of them. Here are some pics.

  • More photos from Dublin

    Street art. Yesterday we did a tour of the Guinness Brewery. It was very crowded and impersonal but still a fun place to visit. I’m heading home tomorrow but have thoroughly enjoyed this meetup.        

  • Bristol

    We have come to Bristol for the weekend to see some friends. Bristol is a very cool city. Where Edinburgh is perhaps a little too perfect, Bristol is a little rough around the edges in an endearing sort of way. A bit like Glasgow. There’s some good cycling infrastructure here too. Bristol is famous for […]