More photos from Dublin

Street art.



Yesterday we did a tour of the Guinness Brewery. It was very crowded and impersonal but still a fun place to visit.






I’m heading home tomorrow but have thoroughly enjoyed this meetup.





6 Replies to “More photos from Dublin”

  1. A woman needs a man like a fish needs a …bicycle, so does that mean a woman needs a bicycle like a man needs a fish???

  2. Apparently Irish Guinness tastes better than in Scotland as it doesn’t have to be pasteurised, or maybe it’s a myth? Seemed true when I was in Ireland anyway.

    1. Guinness doesn’t travel well,that’s what us locals always say! Hope you all enjoyed my hometown. Annoyed I couldn’t make it cross country to the a8c talk at to chat.

      1. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Dublin, thank you! I didn’t make it to the tech meetup evening as we couldn’t all go but I heard it went well.

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