I’m not rational

I took the How Rational Are You, Really? quiz on clearerthinking.org and it turns out I’m not very rational. This will explain why I recently bought a pair of shoes for looks rather than comfort. Although to be fair, I later returned the uncomfortable, impractical shoes and got a pair of comfortable, outrageous shoes instead.

Apparently I’m a meditator which means I have a relaxed, big-picture worldview and a strong propensity to question my own judgements. I’m not sure how accurate the test is because it also decided that I’m carefree and tend to live in the moment, never wasting time fretting about the future. Am I the sort of person who spends time worrying about earthquakes? Or brain tumours? Or volcanoes? Or countless other things? Of course I am. They clearly got that wrong about me.

I scored poorly on quantitative reasoning (50%) because I got the donut question wrong. In my defence I was multitasking when I was doing the quiz. I pitched the same question to the family and while Ben was thinking it through, Daniel gave the correct answer in less than 10 seconds. Maybe only children can understand that question? For future-based reasoning I scored 75% which is nice. Does this mean the decisions I make today are bad while decisions I make in the future are good? The conclusion seems to be that I should choose purchase my next pair of shoes now but choose them in a few months. Or should it be the other way around?