Chains for shoes and Trotify

A shop in Aviemore was selling chains for shoes to increase the friction on icy pavements. We bought a couple of pairs and they’re fantastic. Why doesn’t everyone have these? They slip onto the soles of your shoes and make a huge difference. No more slipping over for me.


Here’s another must-have product: Trotify. I’m going to ask Santa for one of these next Christmas.

Then Busby and I can really go galloping into the distance.

22 Replies to “Chains for shoes and Trotify”

    1. I’d love it now as an adult! Although I probably already get enough stares with my weird-looking bike as it is.

      1. That would be so great! I love it and hope electric cars get something like this. Maybe people could select their own sound from a list of options.

  1. Chains for shoes is a good idea. I first came across this chaining concept in Queenstown. I wonder how the car goes with chains fixed to its tyres.

    I did not understand what is trotify for watching the youtube video on mute. Is it some sort of bell? 🙂

    1. I hope the town planners in Aberdeen accept the award and take it as motivation to improve town planning. I like it where the Councillor is quoted as saying “and also enjoys a magnificent seafront with superb maritime views.” Bollocks. The magnificent maritime views are butt ugly industrial views. I’ve never seen an uglier harbour in my life.

    2. And yeah, Aberdeen is never going to compete with places like Edinburgh and Glasgow for arts and culture. But it’s a nice place to raise a family: safe, compact, walkable, friendly, nice community, and lots of things for kids to do.

  2. When I saw this in email and not in my blog reader, I thought of big chains wrapped all the way round your feet. Amazing that something so discreet can be so effective. I need them, even in the South. I am like the pedestrian equivalent of the Southern driver who slows down to 5mph at the first flake of snow. Actually I do that too.

    1. They’re quite light too. I’m the same as you. Although I call myself a grandma driver because I drive so slowly and am just generally very cautious.

      1. Got some studs rather than chains a couple of years back, still not icy enough here to have used them.

  3. These look great, will investigate. My shoes have zero grip on the bottom so I’ve had a few Scooby Doo moments this week, erk!

    1. They’re really good and very easy to slip on and off the shoe. I want some for my bike tyres now.

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