A computer game and a highland dance update

Daniel wrote a game in Javascript. It's a re-creation of the snake game. You're the snake and you move around the screen consuming fruit. Each time you eat a piece of fruit you get longer. If you touch the edge or yourself you die. Movement is via the keys W, A, S, D on your… Continue reading A computer game and a highland dance update

Fake waiting

There's fake everything these days: fake news, fake meat, fake milk, fake designer clothing, fake art, and there's even fake waiting. Fake waiting is when developers deliberately build a wait time into a program that serves no function other than to make the user wait. Apparently in some cases users prefer it. Waiting creates suspense… Continue reading Fake waiting

Build your own computer kit for kids

Elizabeth received a Kano computer kit for Christmas this year. It consists of a Raspberry Pi with all the other bits required to build your own computer and learn to code. She's very interested in learning programming and I'm very happy to encourage this (although I keep trying to tell her there's much more to… Continue reading Build your own computer kit for kids

Code and wallpaper

Daniel has been making some games on the code.org site. Here's one of his games: https://studio.code.org/c/139419179 To win you need to capture one of the rebel fighters which will make some tauntauns appear. Then capture one tauntaun and three flying bird things (mynocks) will appear and you'll need to capture all three of these. Avoid the… Continue reading Code and wallpaper