Elizabeth’s application form

Elizabeth has applied to be on a Scratch game creator team at school. She completed the application form all by herself. We never even saw it until she’d filled it in and she’s done a terrific job for a 10-year-old. I’d hire her!


Filling in forms is not easy to do but it’s an important skill to develop because so much of life involves completing forms. Even if she doesn’t make the team it’s good practice for her.

4 Replies to “Elizabeth’s application form”

  1. I love it – lol! Especially the parts that says ” I’m usually the one who pulls everything together”. Go her!

    1. Yes, I thought that was so funny but so good at the same time! Every team needs someone who can do that.

  2. She is amazing. Really good self-assessment, and it’s so good for the school to provide this opportunity for her to develop this skill.

    1. Yes I was also amazed by her level of self-reflection there and also how well she addressed each question.

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