Code and wallpaper

Daniel has been making some games on the site. Here’s one of his games:

To win you need to capture one of the rebel fighters which will make some tauntauns appear. Then capture one tauntaun and three flying bird things (mynocks) will appear and you’ll need to capture all three of these. Avoid the mouse droid (the little grey thing) otherwise you die.

I’ve been encouraging Daniel to try these online coding sites for years now. He’s never been very interested, partly because he lacked the necessary reading skills. Last week I discovered has a Minecraft tutorial. That was all that was necessary to get him hooked. Now he’s obsessed with it.

I finally removed all the wallpaper from one wall in the spare bedroom. It took me about a month. It probably would have only taken one whole day if I’d devoted an entire day to it. But I haven’t had the time for that and so I’ve been chipping away at it in the evenings and whenever I had the chance. I’m not sure whether I’ll do the remaining walls. I won’t do them for the moment as they look fine. It was just this one wall that need redoing. I’m planning to repaper it myself which Ben thinks is a bad idea. I’ve never done any wallpapering before and so probably he’s right. I think he has visions of this: