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  • Treezone, Aviemore

    Treezone, Aviemore

    I’ve wanted to try one of these tree-top obstacle courses for years and we finally had our chance today at Treezone in Aviemore. It was thrilling! The course was mentally harder than I expected and I felt scared initially despite not being afraid of heights. You are quite high up in the trees and although […]

  • The school garden

    The school garden

    I spent most of my day off yesterday¬†working in the school garden. Somehow it doesn’t look much better despite my best efforts. It’s just an ugly garden. Most of my time was spent removing a rogue bamboo which spreads faster than any other plant I’ve seen. I do like bamboo and I wouldn’t mind it […]

  • Castle Fraser

    We went to another castle yesterday, Castle¬†Fraser, which is about 16 miles west of Aberdeen. It’s a Scottish baronial castle built in the 15th century. Like all of the castles we’ve visited so far it is surrounded by gardens and woods with lots of lovely walks. There was also a wonderful children’s playground which was […]

  • Playground-hopping

    We went playground-hopping today and found an absolute treasure of a playground at Hobsonville Point which is on the very western edge of Auckland harbour (Waitemata harbour). It had some very interesting  sculptures for children to climb on and interact with and was a big hit with our kids. We saw two magnificent rainbows while […]