Treezone, Aviemore

I’ve wanted to try one of these tree-top obstacle courses for years and we finally had our chance today at Treezone in Aviemore. It was thrilling! The course was mentally harder than I expected and I felt scared initially despite not being afraid of heights. You are quite high up in the trees and although you have ropes to stop you from falling, it’s still frightening. My legs were like jelly!

All of us did it and the kids did extremely well. It helps to have long arms and legs as I do so I didn’t find it so physically challenging. It was great fun and you feel a sense of accomplishment at the end.

Afterwards we went to the nearby Druie Café at the Rothimurchis visitor centre and they had vegan options. I had a warming vegan sweet potato and lentil soup and for dessert this delicious cashew date slice.


3 thoughts on “Treezone, Aviemore”

  1. We went to a similar thing down here called “Go Ape” for our eldest’s birthday when she was about 16. She loved it too 🙂

    1. There’s a Go Ape at Crathes Castle which isn’t far from Aberdeen and we’ve been wanting to do it for years but kids have to be over 10 years of age and my daughter is still 9. She’ll be able to do it soon though! Treezone lets kids over 7 do it.

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