Some pics

Ben took this photo of me and Elizabeth at the Handmade Burger Company on Sunday night. I love the new WordPress t-shirt I’m wearing which I got in Paris.


My colleague, Kathryn, took the next two photos of us at the Jetpack booth in Paris. They’re really great.


This last photo is one I took of the view each day on the walk from the hotel to the venue. People think Paris is glamorous and maybe it is but every city has a dark side and Paris is no exception.

5 thoughts on “Some pics”

  1. Both T-Shirts are great in their own way. The Jetpack one looks like Hell’s Angels and the WordPress one says ‘flower power’! My problems all resolved by buying web space on where another of my blogs resides rather than using a Raspberry Pi at home. Just domain names to sort out now.

    Handmade Burger sounds like an Artisan McDonalds!

    1. Do you mean Hell’s Angels the motorcycle club? The Jetpack shirt is pretty cool too. I’ve got two of those!

      I’m very happy to hear your problems have been resolved with a new host. That’s great! I thought it was a conflict with a different plugin?

      1. Yes, the motorcycle club. Even I think it’s weird how the left over script text is seeen on the Pi posts from NextGen gallery disappeared with Freeola’s one click install of the latest WordPress!

        I’m wearing my Grizzly Bear T-Shirt we bought in Alaska. I’ll blog a selfie with it to test me new remote control for my ‘posh’ camera.

  2. The white t-shirt is the cooler of the two.

    Thanks for showing the dark side of the Paris! This is a reminder that everything and everyone has a dark side.

    Hope you are mastering spinning the fidget 😀

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