May you live through interesting times

There's a Chinese curse, may you live through interesting times. On a personal level, the Christchurch earthquakes make this pandemic seem like a walk in the park because that was a much tougher period of time for us. Nevertheless, both events brought strange changes and have made me think of the Chinese curse. But there… Continue reading May you live through interesting times

Daffodils, jumping shot, and a roundup of the news

I ventured out for some exercise today. Mostly I stay in and just do The Body Coach live streaming in the morning followed by a trampoline bounce in the afternoon. It's a lovely spring day today and the daffodils are in full bloom so it must be time for a jumping shot. Here's a round-up… Continue reading Daffodils, jumping shot, and a roundup of the news

What happens next?

I'm sorry if everyone is getting sick of reading about the pandemic but a paper was published in Science yesterday which is worth sharing. It's called Projecting the transmission dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 through the postpandemic period. This is important because there's been a lot of short-term thinking with sudden closures of schools and businesses but… Continue reading What happens next?

Humour in adversity

One thing I will forever remember from this pandemic is our capacity for humour at a time of adversity. Every day brings new laugh-out-loud moments. The tweet below from the Scottish sports broadcaster, Andrew Cotter, commentating on the final suspenseful moments of his dogs struggling over a toy is superb. Boris Johnson is home… Continue reading Humour in adversity

How is South Korea managing the pandemic?

Everyone on the interwebs is singing the praises of South Korea for beating COVID19 without having to endure a lockdown. Is that really true? I work with someone who lives in Incheon in South Korea, Dakota McCarty, so I thought I'd get the inside scoop from him. This is straight from the horse's mouth and… Continue reading How is South Korea managing the pandemic?

How long should the lockdown last?

If there's anyone you absolutely must follow on Twitter it's Peter Singer. He's the world's most influential moral philosopher and someone I would describe as a modern-day Jesus. You can follow him here: In 100 years the world will look back and see Peter Singer as someone who did more than anyone else to… Continue reading How long should the lockdown last?

All humans must self-isolate by order of the Daleks

I saw this on Twitter yesterday. I don't know where it was taken but it's obviously somewhere in the UK - the scenery, the sky, the houses, the signs, and the Dalek on the left side of the road all point to somewhere in the UK. It's school holidays this week and next and… Continue reading All humans must self-isolate by order of the Daleks

There are no political parties today

Boris Johnson was moved to intensive care last night as his condition with COVID19 worsened. The country is united in wishing him a full and speedy recovery. I sincerely mean it when I say he has been handling the crisis well and I've watched other leaders lead through tragedies having lived in Christchurch during the… Continue reading There are no political parties today

Music, privilege, and virus incubators

Some music. This is Elizabeth playing The Blue Danube. I learned recently that Aberdeen has been through all this lockdown business once before. In 1964 there was a typhoid outbreak and schools were closed, there were travel bans, and people died. The source of the outbreak was a single tin of corned beef. Meat is… Continue reading Music, privilege, and virus incubators

On escaping to the Highlands during a pandemic and preparedness

I think Prince Charles made a grave misjudgment in coming to the Highlands last weekend. He was apparently well when he travelled last weekend but the key point is not that he was well but that he travelled last weekend. It was prior to last weekend that it became clear people were trying to isolate… Continue reading On escaping to the Highlands during a pandemic and preparedness

BBC Four Pandemic and something to do this weekend

I just watched the BBC documentary, Contagion: The BBC Four Pandemic. It's very good and I can't believe I hadn't seen or heard of it before. In 2018 the BBC simulated a pandemic across the UK to gather data for mathematical modellers to help with a future pandemic like the one we're experiencing now. Tens… Continue reading BBC Four Pandemic and something to do this weekend

Outbreak #COVID2019

The Prime Minister now has coronavirus, as does the health secretary, and the chief medical officer is isolating after experiencing symptoms. They're dropping like flies. It begs the question of whether they've all been following their own advice of social distancing and washing hands. Boris Johnson videoed the announcement about testing positive and shared it… Continue reading Outbreak #COVID2019

What the kids have done in their first week of quarantine

Day 4 of quarantine and Elizabeth said to me today, "Quarantine is going pretty well". She may feel differently after several months of this. For me, it has been rather nice not having the school drop-offs and pickups along with Highland Dance and everything else. I feel like I've adopted a slower pace and am… Continue reading What the kids have done in their first week of quarantine

Eating during a pandemic

On Sunday, for Mother's Day, I felt like a fry-up and since all the restaurants and caf├ęs were closed we made something at home. We had mushrooms, baked beans, toast, vegan sausages, spinach, my home-made sauerkraut, and vegan black pudding. The black pudding is made by The Bury Black Pudding Company and contains black beans.… Continue reading Eating during a pandemic

Lockdown with exercise #COVID2019

We are now in lockdown. I had hoped it wouldn't get to this but it seems people have not been obeying the 2m distance rule and so the government yesterday banned anyone from leaving their homes unless it's to go to work, get essential supplies (food or medicine) or go out for exercise. It is… Continue reading Lockdown with exercise #COVID2019

Physical distancing for 12 months #COVID2019

The behavioural and social interventions implemented by the government over the past couple of weeks will be in place for 12 months, according to this article from the government website - Consensus view on social and behavioural and social interventions. But there may be periods during this time when some restrictions will be partially relaxed… Continue reading Physical distancing for 12 months #COVID2019