All humans must self-isolate by order of the Daleks

I saw this on Twitter yesterday. I don’t know where it was taken but it’s obviously somewhere in the UK – the scenery, the sky, the houses, the signs, and the Dalek on the left side of the road all point to somewhere in the UK.

It’s school holidays this week and next and we’ve decided to stay at home 🙂 In all seriousness, I have found it pretty easy to stay at home and am even managing to get groceries delivered – some of them anyway. I found a fruit and veg box delivery service and have been getting that which is terrific and the rest of the time we use Bonobo.

There’s no chance of us starving! Here are some of the goodies I got today, all vegan of course.




I love Bonobo and am so grateful to the vegan community in Aberdeen and Scotland. Physical isolation is one thing but worse than physical isolation is the feeling of being truly alone, of not having anyone who understands your point of view and this is pretty much what it’s like as a vegan, or at least until recent years. For the first time in probably my whole life, I no longer feel so alone in this regard.

Thanks to Bonobo and the fruit and veg boxes I’ve only had to go out once in the last week and that was to get toilet paper. We were running low so I went to M&S at Union Square on the weekend and had to queue up outside only to discover they had none at all instore anyway. It was a complete waste of a trip. I’ve since found an online supplier and ordered a box on the internet. I should have done that first. Quite a few things can be ordered online still, including Nakd bars. I am quite content at home and have not even been taking advantage of our daily exercise rights since I’m getting plenty of exercise from the trampoline and the 9am classes with Joe Wicks which we all do as a family every day.

It’s unlikely school will reopen after the Easter holidays. I suspect it will remain closed until the summer so I’ve instead enrolled the kids in an online school which starts on the 20th April. There are several online schools that offer a full British education, including A-levels, from home. Daniel and Elizabeth’s schools here have been giving them homework to do but they’re not offering any live online classes via video link and I think this is a mistake. I believe the reason for this is they don’t want pupils without the technology to participate missing out but it seems a bit defeatist to then make all pupils miss out. I would prefer they make alternative arrangments for those few pupils rather than not have anything for anyone. It just doesn’t seem right.

If you’re looking for an online school here are some of the options:

They all look pretty good although the last one doesn’t offer live online lessons and I know from my experience of working from home that having regular live contact with people is important. The kids both seem keen so I’ll let you know how it goes when they start.