Protest at NZ High Commission in London

Since the voices of Iranian New Zealand women were suppressed through violence and intimidation in Auckland on the 25th March 2023, I thought I would share a link to a live stream outside the Iranian New Zealand High Commission in London, filmed yesterday, where British women give them a voice. You can watch it here… Continue reading Protest at NZ High Commission in London

I despair when I see these people cheer

Last week the West London Borough of Chelsea and Kensington, one of the wealthiest in the country, voted against a Transport for London proposal for segregated cycling infrastructure. Although I don't live there and it doesn't affect me directly, I felt despair when I saw the applause after the council announced the decision. These… Continue reading I despair when I see these people cheer

London: Day 3

Yesterday was a day of museums. Our plan was to visit the Natural History Museum but when we got there we found an enormous queue to get in. So instead we went into the Victoria and Albert museum which is right next door and was queue-free. We barely touched the surface of this museum which… Continue reading London: Day 3

London: Day 2

Before we left Auckland, we went for a walk to Butterfly Creek to fill in some time and Elizabeth found a stick on the ground which she was determined to take on the plane. We tried to talk her out of this idea and so we told her that the people at security wouldn't let… Continue reading London: Day 2

We're in London. Be afraid, be very afraid.

We are finally in London after a gruelling 44-hour journey from door-to-door. It didn't start off so well as there was a five-hour-delay for our initial flight out of Auckland. This in turn meant we missed our connecting flight in Hong Kong. They fortunately put us up in a hotel overnight in Hong Kong but… Continue reading We're in London. Be afraid, be very afraid.