Marvelous Freud, should he visit the Queen?

We are going to spend the latter half of this year in York, England. It is a trip we’ve been planning for a couple of years but we’ve only just booked our flights. I am very excited about the prospect of living in York for 6 months but my excitement is marred because it meant the end of the road for our dog, Freud. He is old (13.5) and has heart disease and kidney disease. The vet told us he had months rather than years to live. But that was over a year ago now and Freud still looks marvelous. He’s full of beans, can easily manage a 45 minute walk up and down hills and has a very healthy apetite. He’s even regained the weight he lost when he first got sick.

Last week I realised that I just couldn’t bring myself to put him down, not when he looks so well. It’s a different story when you see your pet suffering but Freud still has a good quality of life. So I began investigating the prospect of taking him with us. Ben is very much against this idea and so is my vet who thinks Freud is on a knife-edge and a long flight will tip him over it. It’s also very expensive and will create challenges for us in the UK. Although the UK is a very dog-friendly place when compared to New Zealand and Australia.

Fortunately last week, a wonderful friend of mine offered to take care of him for us. I know he will be well looked after by her. He’s going to spend next weekend with her just to see how her family will cope and how Freud takes it. I still find it difficult knowing that he’ll probably die while we’re away and I won’t be here for him on his last days. So part of me still hopes that Freud will come to London with us to visit the Queen.

6 responses to “Marvelous Freud, should he visit the Queen?”

  1. A good solution to the problem. What a wonderful friend.

  2. Sorry to hear about your dog, but it does seem like he will be well looked after while you’re away. I hope you enjoy your time in York. Sounds like quite an adventure.

    1. Thank you. I’ve visited York just once before and loved it.

  3. I’m glad you made the decision not to put her down. My wife and I had to put down one of our dogs a few years ago because of cancer, and it was very distressful. Now you will at least know she will be able to live out her remaining days as any dog should 🙂

  4. It’s better this way. The queen’s corgis may not take to an upstart colonial dog, or worse, they may take to him.

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