London: Day 3

Yesterday was a day of museums. Our plan was to visit the Natural History Museum but when we got there we found an enormous queue to get in. So instead we went into the Victoria and Albert museum which is right next door and was queue-free. We barely touched the surface of this museum which is grand and beautiful but we did fit in a cool children’s activity which involved borrowing a backpack of activities and planning a spectacular party for an Indian emperor. After some initial reluctance on Daniel’s part (I think he was suspicious that this was a bit too much like school) he completed all the activities and we moved on to the next museum.

The second museum was the Science museum. This had quite a few hands-on activities for children and adults. On one of the upper levels was a floor titled “atmosphere” and I was pleased to find that it was devoted to climate science and the story it told was one of science.

By this time it was early afternoon and the queue outside the Natural History museum had disappeared so we dashed inside just to see an animatronic dinosaur (Daniel was very keen to do this). We were all too exhausted to traipse around it to any great extent and it was just packed with people inside and also rather hot. The building itself though was magnificent to say the least and a museum piece in its own right. A breath-taking work of art. I could not take my eyes off it. It was designed by a relatively unknown architect at the time called Alfred Waterhouse.  I took a couple of photos of this building which you can see at the bottom of the stack of photos below.

A London street.
Another London street, with Southwark Cathedral in the background. There are so many gorgeous things to look at which makes walking around a real pleasure.
A London street.
I love those petunias and the cute shops and beautiful buildings.
Victoria and Albert Museum.
Victoria and Albert Museum.
Garden cafe at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
After the great fire of London in 1666, The Monument was built to commemorate the disaster. This is the plaque at the bottom of The Monument.
The Monument.
More cute shops.
Borough Market. A great selection of food here.
Borough Market.
The Natural History Museum.
The Natural History Museum.

Today we leave London. Farewell.

14 responses to “London: Day 3”

  1. The old buildings are beautiful, but otherwise the streets seem dull and grey!! I have been to that market and enjoyed the array of food.

    • I think the streets are anything but dull! They are absolutely drenched in history and full of energy with interesting people, shops, cafes, live music and amazing smells on every corner.

  2. Thank you Rachel… I am reliving wonderful visits to London & the museums. (Lived there where Nicole was born & many return visits). Great architecture and those lovely local flavours in the markets and streets. I am sure you will trip back during your stay in UK. xo

    • I’m not sure that we’ll make it back to London on this trip but I feel as though we made the most of our stay just now. It must have been great to live there for a bit.

  3. I am starting to enjoy your post more and more. You have the ability to tell a great story combined with awesome pictures. Not a lot of people I follow can do both myself included !!

  4. Really enjoying your travelogue, Rachel. Keep up the good work. It’ll be a wonderful memento in years to come.

    • Thanks. I’m hoping it will be a good way to remember our travels and I just love being able to share it with everyone on the web like this.

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