London: Day 2

Before we left Auckland, we went for a walk to Butterfly Creek to fill in some time and Elizabeth found a stick on the ground which she was determined to take on the plane. We tried to talk her out of this idea and so we told her that the people at security wouldn’t let her take it on the plane because it’s dangerous. Her response to this was to hide the stick which she duly did under her jumper.



We had a terrific day wandering around London yesterday, before being overcome with jet lag in the early afternoon. Now it’s 5am and we’re all up and ready to go. Here are some photos from our day.

A lego Tube map. Daniel thought this was pretty cool.


Covent Garden. What you don’t get from the photo are the smells and sounds of the place. The smell of mouth-watering food and the sound of live music added an extra dimension to the experience.


Shakespeare’s Globe. This is near the site of the original theatre in which Shakespeare had a share and where many of his plays were performed. The first theatre burnt to the ground but was quickly rebuilt. The first reconstruction was demolished by the killjoy Puritans in 1644. The second reconstruction is this one and was completed fairly recently by American actor, director and producer Sam Wanamaker using original materials and after a laborious 23-year battle. More here –
This one is for my friend, Heidi. Taken at Covent Garden.
Daniel and me in front of Big Ben, taken by big Ben.
Green Park. I love big parks like this with towering trees that provide shade and beauty. There’s nothing like this on Auckland’s North Shore.
A brass band right next to Buckingham Palace. It was packed with people and there seemed to be something going on although we are not sure what.
Buckingham Palace.
This guy at Covent Garden appears to be defying gravity.
A cargo bike. I want one of these. There are bikes everywhere in London. It’s great to see.

St Paul’s Cathedral.


The London Eye.


Houses of Parliament.