Wonky parsnips and the winter solstice

I went to my allotment today having not been there for a few weeks. I picked some leeks and parsnips for Christmas dinner but my leeks are looking a bit wonky. Does anyone know why this happens?



It’s the first time I’ve ever grown parsnips so I’m excited even if they look deformed.

It was the winter solstice today and the darkest day of the year. The sun rose in Aberdeen at 8:47am and set at 15:28pm. It’s officially the start of Yule. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year. I hope your Christmas is filled with love and kindness.


9 thoughts on “Wonky parsnips and the winter solstice”

  1. Leeks look fine to me, as do the parsnips.Parsnips don’t like manure apparently so if your plot has a lot of organic matter they might go in odd directions. Some people plant them in cardboard postal tubes! I speak like an expert and am not.

  2. I’ve never grown parsnips, but when carrots grow wonky like the parsnips shown above, it’s usually because the soil was too rocky or hard, or the garden bed was infested with a type of nematode that causes the roots to grow knots. I’m not sure what growing conditions are like in your part of Scotland, but my local agricultural advisor told me to make sure the soil is worked through thoroughly, with rocks taken out and sand added to make it more pliable. πŸ™‚

    Your vegetables look great to me, though! I hope they taste as good too.

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