Bees in the artichoke

Another Sunday of weeding at the plot has come and gone. It’s amazing how much the plot changes from winter to summer.

This was the plot back in April.


Here it is today.


The artichoke has started flowering and it’s beautiful.


I counted 5 bees in the flower head.


Something was decimating my kale (deer or birds) so I covered it up a few weeks ago and it’s now flourishing.


I picked some garlic, kale, broccoli, and courgettes to bring home.



4 Replies to “Bees in the artichoke”

  1. I know that decimated feeling but never worked out how to put up a net. The plot is looking fabulous.

    1. Thanks! It could be better. My strawberries didn’t fruit very much or maybe the birds ate the strawberries and I just never saw them.

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