Cycling in Auckland part 2

Cycling on the footpath sucks. It really does. I’ve just returned from cycling Elizabeth to kindergarten and I’ve started cycling on the road for parts of the trip now. In fact, when I’m on my own cycling home I use the road almost the whole way.

Why? Because the footpath is difficult to navigate. It’s bumpy, filled with cracks, humps and dips, it stops and starts at every side road and is littered with driveways which are a hazards themselves. People backing out of driveways are often the worst when it comes to looking and giving way. I’m beginning to think the footpath is more dangerous than the road especially the bits that feel more like mountain bike terrain. Hit a bump at the wrong angle and we’d both go flying.

Cycling on the footpath makes the journey longer because I can’t cycle as fast – and note that I’ve got a four-year-old sitting on the back nagging me to, “Go faster, Mummy! Go faster!” – and I’m constantly stopping and starting which means I lose any momentum I gained on the downhills which could have been used on the uphills.

I want cycle paths!!! Auckland really is a dreadful place to be a cyclist.