Super review for airbag helmets

The Hövding invisible bicycle helmet has received a favourable review from a Stanford University team.

We found that the airbag has the potential to reduce the acceleration of impact by a factor of five [over traditional helmets].

I’ve been using the Hövding for over a year now and am very happy with it. I’ve never had to test it out, thankfully, and hopefully I will never have to. It felt a little strange to wear at first but I’ve got used to it now and never notice it. The downside of the Hövding over traditional helmets is that it requires charging but only about once per week. It’s also not going to work if you hit a low hanging branch or post when cycling since the helmet only deploys when you fall off the bike. My review about it is here.

I sometimes also forget to take it out with me but that can happen with any type of helmet. I’m still opposed to compulsory helmet legislation simply because it reduces the health of the population as a whole by reducing the number of cyclists. The benefits of cycling far outweigh the risks of having a crash. However I’m very much in favour of investing in cycling infrastructure which offers one of the best returns on investment and is the most effective way to keep cyclists safe.

2 responses to “Super review for airbag helmets”

  1. I remember when the first videos surfaced on the internet of the invisible bicycle helmet. I still think it’s brilliant, but also wonder about it – it’s something else to charge up, isn’t it. Also, I think of my bike helmet as much as a hat, or hood, as a helmet. I guess time will tell.

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