Aberdeen Christmas Village

There’s a Christmas village in Aberdeen this year! This is apparently the first time the city has had one so we went and had a look. We went first on Saturday afternoon and it was heaving. In fact it was so busy that we decided to leave and come back again first thing this morning to beat the crowds. Here’s how it looked at about 2pm yesterday afternoon:



Here’s how it looked today at 10am:




There were stalls, rides (including ones that make you vomit) as well as food and mulled wine – which was nice – but best of all was the outdoor ice skating rink! The kids and I went skating again. Ben can skate too because his mother used to take them to Central Otago when he was a kid where lakes freeze over and you can ice-skate on them. I don’t think this happens so much now as it’s not as cold as it once was. But Ben seems to prefer standing on the sides minding our belongings and taking pictures 🙂



The kids absolutely loved it. Afterwards we got a very cheesy family photograph inside a giant snow globe filled with shredded toilet paper. I want to say that for £10 this is a waste of money but the children loved it! They didn’t want to leave.


When we got home we decorated our Christmas tree. Last year we bought a wooden tree from Timba Tree and so we pulled it out of storage along with all the Christmas decorations and decorated it. Daniel also spent some time decorating his toys. Can you see Creeper in the photo? There are also a couple of red squirrels in the tree. We love our Timba tree.


It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas 🙂


19 thoughts on “Aberdeen Christmas Village”

  1. Your family is going to treasure the snow globe picture in years to come. It’s a brilliant idea.
    I have a Timbatree too now, but it’s looking very bare, as last year’s decorations don’t look right on it – they are too pale. It’s good to have some Timbatree inspiration! What is the green thing with antlers?

    1. Wow, I’m so pleased to hear you have a Timbetree too. You’ll have to post some pics to your blog. Our Timbatree didn’t look very exciting last year because our belongings from New Zealand were still on a ship on their way over and so we had very few things to decorate it with. This year the kids went crazy and put absolutely everything on it. It was nice to have all our Christmas decorations back.

      The green thing is Daniel’s toy Creeper (from Minecraft) wearing a headband with antlers.

      1. I need a Creeper for my tree! I think with a Timbatree, more is more. I went to some Open House events today in the hope of finding some nice handcrafted decorations, but couldn’t find anything inspiring – all the stuff was a bit small and fiddly.

      2. Here’s a pretty cool one with presents on it:

        Here are two with not much on them but they still look good:

  2. What a great post. I’m so impressed at the wonderful Christmas Village Aberdeen has put together. It looks magical. It seem as though the Aberdeeners aren’t very good at early rising. 🙂
    I can’t get over how tall Daniel has become. He seemed to really enjoy having that photo taken. A lovely memento.
    Timbatree is such a good idea. Beats chopping down a tree every year.

    1. It was funny how quiet it was at 10am on a Sunday. I don’t like crowds very much so we’ll be sure to go early next time. We may go again next weekend or one afternoon during the week.

      They really loved playing in the snow globe. I felt a tiny bit claustrophobic inside it but nothing I couldn’t handle.

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