Smelly feet

At what age do children stop embarrassing their parents? At some point the tables turn and parents become embarrassing to their children instead of the other way around. Is that right?

We were on the train this afternoon and someone with smelly feet removed their shoes. Daniel spent the next 5 hours (slight exaggeration) saying very loudly, “Yuk, who has stinky feet? I can smell someone’s smelly feet ….” or words to that effect over and over again.

I probably shouldn’t complain since I think it highly likely I’m still a source of embarrassment to my own parents.

4 Replies to “Smelly feet”

  1. ideally the sooner you start embarrassing the better because they will stop embarrassing you as a result. Then it becomes the single biggest joy of parenthood, alongside their first boy/girlfriend not being a psychopath and then getting a job post Uni that means they don’t move back home. :Love them dearly but really there is too much of a good thing….

  2. Not having children, I don’t know that side of it, but I certainly do remember embarrassing my own parents – even as an adult!

  3. I am not sure when the threshold was crossed in my case, but I know it happened a long time ago. It followed a period when I mostly caused the kids irritation: otherwise known as the teenage years.

    Luckily, I think one’s tendency to be embarressed decreases in inverse ratio to one’s capacity to cause embarrassment. In other words, finally you don’t give a jot. My kids, no doubt, would say this explains my dress sense.

    What’s the next phase I wonder? I’ll start worrying them I guess. At the moment the generational worry scales are pretty much in balance, but a tipping point can’t be far away. But don’t forget – love finally trumps all in family affairs if we are lucky.

  4. In Daniel’s case, I think the embarrassing may go on a while, but you will start to embarrass your kids when they are in their teens, for sure.
    I remember when I had embarrassed my younger daughter, again, that I turned to her and said, “Well, whatever I do now, I will embarrass you.” “Why?” she wailed! I explained that I wasn’t setting out to embarrass her, but even so, she would be embarrassed, whatever I did. It was just the age and phase. 🙂

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