Remote work and children

Working from home means sometimes I’m working when the kids are around. This is the case after school on weekdays, on the weekend, and on school holidays. Mostly it’s not a problem at all. However I frequently have video conference calls and sometimes my kids will interrupt or there’ll be loud kid sounds in the background coming from another room. One time one of them poked the head of a puppet into the background view so that only the puppet could be seen by everyone on the call.

Another time I was chatting with my mentee and we were discussing how to find a good work/life balance when you’re a parent of young children. It happened to be school holidays and my kids were at home that day. It was about 1:30pm and Daniel came in and said, “Mum, you still haven’t given me lunch  yet”. It was a not a good look.

One of my coworkers shared this live BBC interview with me. It makes me thankful that none of my calls are broadcast live to the masses. Poor guy.