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  • Inside Hoss

    Inside Hoss

    Ben fell off his bike a couple of weeks ago and broke his arm in two places. He’s recovering well and fortunately no cars were involved in the accident or it could have been much worse. He’s unable ride his bike until his arm is better and so when we all went for a cycle […]

  • Shared spaces

    Shared spaces

    I want to write about shared spaces. These are road spaces that everyone shares – pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, buses, and taxis. Rather than segregating users into their own space, all signalling and road markings are removed and everyone is thrown in together. The theory is that if you remove all the road markings, traffic lights, […]

  • Bike path for Union Street

    Bike path for Union Street

    Which of the following two photos do you think looks better? Union Street without a bike path: Union Street with a bike path: The second photo is an artist’s impression produced by Cycling UK. It was a year ago last month that I discovered the city council had no plans for a bike path through […]

  • Is this our “Stop the Child Murder” campaign?

    Is this our “Stop the Child Murder” campaign?

    I organised my first ever protest yesterday and it went really well. The protest was to call on the Aberdeen City Council for a protected, segregated bike path on Union St. I don’t want to say it was a success just yet because there is still no commitment from the City Council for a protected bike […]

  • Why does the Aberdeen city council think it’s acceptable for children to cycle in the bus lane?

    This is the expectation on Union St because there is no cycle path. Children are wobbly on bicycles and do not always cycle in a straight line. Buses are huge compared to bicycles, especially children’s bicycles. Visibility is also poor for bus drivers. Children are slow cyclists and cannot keep up with traffic. Children on […]

  • The beach, Aberdeen

    The beach, Aberdeen

    I had to take my Thunderbolt monitor to the Apple store this morning because the camera is blurry and I can’t fix it. It’s still under warranty so they’re going to replace the camera for me which is great. But are you wondering how I got a huge and heavy Thunderbolt to the Apple store […]

  • A whinge

    I’ve just come back from picking Elizabeth up from nursery on my bicycle and now I want to have a whinge about the rain and wind. So here goes: I’m wet, exhausted (anyone who has cycled in the wind will understand why but add a factor of ten to this given that I’m cycling a […]

  • When is it ok to kill cyclists?

    Earlier this month The New York Times published an opinion piece about cycling, “Is it O.K. to Kill Cyclists?“. It prompted a huge number of articles and blog posts which, insofar as discussion about cycling safety helps to improve cycling safety, is probably a good thing. Even the Economist has waded in with, “The American […]

  • We’ve got a bakfiets!

    We have been very busy here. So busy in fact, that I’ve neglected my blog. But I have some great news to report today: we have wheels! Just two, completely carbon-neutral wheels. This is an original Dutch bakfiets, a second-hand one, built especially for lugging children and shopping around town and countryside. I have wanted […]