The beach, Aberdeen

I had to take my Thunderbolt monitor to the Apple store this morning because the camera is blurry and I can’t fix it. It’s still under warranty so they’re going to replace the camera for me which is great. But are you wondering how I got a huge and heavy Thunderbolt to the Apple store without a car? Easy.


On the cycle ride back home I got whistled at! This is the first time that’s happened when I’ve been out on my bicycle. Did I feel objectified, humiliated, like a piece of meat? Nope. I thought it was great. Of course it’s entirely probable that the whistle was meant for someone else but since I’m unsure, I’ll pretend it was for me 🙂

It was a lovely sunny day today and with very little wind so we took the opportunity to go to the beach. Cities that have both sea and mountains together are the best. Christchurch is another city that has mountains and sea. New Zealanders will probably mock me for saying that Scotland has mountains – they would call them hills – but I’m Australian and as far as I’m concerned they’re mountains.

The beach in Aberdeen is also quite lovely but too cold for swimming. This didn’t stop crazy surfers and dogs from venturing out into the icy water. There’s over 3km of pedestrian/cycle paths right along the waterfront and so we had a lovely cycle ride all the way from Footdee to the River Don.