Thin Ice

A little while ago I donated to the Kickstarter campaign to bring the Thin Ice climate change documentary to US television. My name is even listed on this page. WooHoo! I haven’t heard anything about it for some time and so went looking to see what stage they’re at. It turns out the documentary began airing on public television in the USA in July this year which is fantastic.

The documentary was made in collaboration with Victoria University and Oxford University and is very good. It’s the best climate change documentary I’ve seen. Here’s a clip from the New Zealand Herald reporting the story:

Ceiling repairs are currently underway in the downstairs flat and I’m hoping to make it through the week without having to ring any utility companies or plumbers. Although Ben had to ring the city council this morning because there was a problem with our recent council tax bill. To our shock and horror the lady on the phone was able to sort it out immediately. Ben described her as “disturbingly efficient”. We think she may have been hired by mistake 🙂