Problems with BT and autism

We’re still having problems with BT and I’d by lying if I said it wasn’t stressful. I feel powerless and have no idea how to resolve the problem. Fortunately we haven’t lost internet or phone so far but I received another automated email from BT on the weekend, same as the one from a couple of weeks ago, saying “Sorry to see you go blah blah blah”. I tried contacting them via Twitter and someone emailed me on Saturday and the email is quite extraordinary. Here’s a copy and paste of some of what they said:

Yes that’s right it seems you may have enquired about services from another provider in the not to distant past which is the reason for the current situation you are faced with.

We did send you notification of this and this correspondence did advise of what actions to take should you not with this to go ahead. Unfortunately you left it to late to contact us a we could not stop the request to transfer your services to the other provider you had previously contacted.

You would indeed have had services up and running as you advised but not with BT Retail.

I honestly haven’t, cross my heart and kiss my elbow, signed up with another provider. Every time I ring 150 to see who my provider is the message says, “Hello, thanks for calling BT” which seems to suggest BT is my provider still. No other provider has contacted me at any time and I haven’t signed up with anyone else voluntarily. Each time I contact BT, with the exception of a nice lady this morning who was more confused than accusatory, they say my phone services have been transferred to another company but won’t say who. The lady this morning said she couldn’t see who and she had no explanation for why 150 tells me the service is with BT. How I could have made a transfer twice in the last month without my knowledge is a mystery to me and I’m yet to receive any kind of correspondence from this third-party telecommunications provider because as far as I’m concerned there isn’t any other company.

I have no idea how to fix this or what to do next. I’m tired of ringing them and explaining the situation over and over again. We have wondered what would happen if we just did nothing, since our service is up and running, but I don’t want to do that because something is clearly wrong. It’s as though BT keeps transferring our service to BT and we’re stuck in some kind of loop. But the people I talk to about it don’t believe me and assume I’ve transferred the account away from BT.

I work in support and if anything good has come from this it has made me realise how powerless you are when you contact support and how we expect the people on the other end to believe what we say. I hope I already always do believe my users and take their concerns seriously but this just reinforces it for me.

On a lighter note we need to get Daniel some new shoes and I asked him whether he had a preference for the type of shoe he wants. His only input was that he wanted his shoe to look different from everyone else’s. I was quite impressed by this because most kids want to look the same as their peers and so I asked him why, thinking it was because he wanted to be unique and to stand out. It turns out he just wants to make sure his shoes are never confused with someone else’s when they take them off at school and leave them in a pile somewhere. He wants to make sure no-one else accidentally puts on his shoes. There’s something so cutely autistic about that and very Sheldonesque.