Problem solved

I think my BT woes are finally resolved. I changed my strategy when I rang them this morning and instead asked how I find out who my provider is since they say it isn’t BT because I’d like to report this third-party company to Ofcom. After being transferred to three different people and waiting on hold for longer than it takes to dry washing on the line in Aberdeen mid-winter, it turns out the third-party company is BT. In other words, there is no third-party company. BT transferred my account to itself and somehow the front-line staff could not see this information. All they could see was that my account was transferred to another provider.

This is the problem with large companies like BT. Front line staff are the ones dealing directly with customers but they don’t give them sufficient power to resolve issues. When we moved house we moved to a different house on the same street. Maybe their system couldn’t handle a change of address when the street and postcode remained the same? Who knows? I’m just happy not to have to worry about it now. I’m happy to have BT as my service provider just as long as I never have to speak to any of them on the phone ever again. Apparently they’re also going to refund me for the cancellation fee.

8 Replies to “Problem solved”

  1. All’s well that ends well. Happy that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. And you can get on to worrying about the next problem(s). 🙂

  2. That was a clever solution. How annoying though. I was on the phone to the passport office this lunchtime because when I went to print out my daughter’s application, the connection timed out and all the details were lost. It took my payment though :-/ then my phone connection cut off. Some things are really badly designed.

    1. Oh that doesn’t sound good. If it took your payment the details must have been sent through. If not, hopefully they’ve got some record of this and you can get your money back.

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