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  • Scavenger hunt and Crathes Castle

    Scavenger hunt and Crathes Castle

    Last weekend we participated in a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt as part of a fund-raising exercise for the school. We didn’t win but we had a fun time nevertheless and opted to do some of the challenges at Crathes Castle which is always worth a visit. Here are some of the photos. We had lunch […]

  • Sunday walk at Crathes Castle

    Sunday walk at Crathes Castle

    We haven’t been for walk in the country for a while. Saturdays are busy again with Highland Dance and Sundays is allotment day. Late this afternoon we decided to head to Crathes Castle for a walk. How many people who live in cities can decide late on a Sunday afternoon for country walk and then […]

  • Aboyne stone circle and Crathes Castle

    Aboyne stone circle and Crathes Castle

    Our first weekend of car ownership has been rather nice. We can be a bit more spontaneous. With the car club you need to plan in advance and book it. With our own car we can just decide on the spur of the moment to go out. Yesterday we had dinner with some friends in […]

  • Christmas Fair at Crathes Castle

    Christmas Fair at Crathes Castle

    We went to the Exclusively Highlands Christmas Fair at Crathes Castle today. It’s a food and craft market that runs every year in the weeks leading up to Christmas at different locations around Scotland, usually castles. They sell only stuff that’s made in Scotland which especially appeals to me so we go every year. This […]

  • Hand-knitted jumpers

    Hand-knitted jumpers

    I’ve spent the past few days crocheting while binge-watching Downton Abbey. It has been a wonderfully enjoyable way to spend the holidays. I finished this skirt for Elizabeth. Yesterday we went for a bike ride to the charity shop and I picked up two hand-knitted jumpers for ¬£10 each. They are beautiful and someone put […]

  • A walk in the woods

    A walk in the woods

    I always get a bit nervous when I go to the allotment now – will more plants have been pulled out? Will the slugs have eaten all my beans? With slight trepidation, I ventured there this morning and my plants were all still there but the slugs have eaten my beans. There’s nothing but the […]

  • The bungee run

    The bungee run

    We took the grandparents to Crathes Castle today and there was an event going on with lots of bouncy castles and children’s activities. The kids enjoyed this bungee run the most. We have been to Crathes Castle so many times but we only just realised today that King Arthur is painted on the ceiling of […]

  • A new Doctor Who and speed tourism

    A new Doctor Who and speed tourism

    The 13th Doctor Who was announced today and sadly, it’s not me. I suppose this shouldn’t come as a surprise since I didn’t audition for the part but just in case Jodie Whittaker changes her mind, I’m available. If there are any BBC casting people reading this then this is a FYI. Today was so […]

  • Gardens and woodland walks at Crathes Castle

    Gardens and woodland walks at Crathes Castle

    Most weekends I find myself craving for some fresh country air and a walk through the woods or up a hill. Today we satisfied my craving with a trip to Crathes Castle and a walk on one of the woodland trails there. I keep telling Ben we need a country house where we can spend […]

  • Crathes Castle

    Crathes Castle

    My aunt and uncle are visiting this weekend and we so enjoyed our trip to Crathes Castle last weekend that we decided to do it again. Much to my amazement we were told we could take photos inside provided we didn’t use the¬†flash. The National Trust never let you take photos and so I’ve never […]

  • Crathes Castle

    It has been a few weeks since we last went to a castle and I’m suffering from castle withdrawal symptoms so we took off for Crathes Castle which is about 15 miles south-west of Aberdeen. I’ve just recently discovered that Aberdeenshire has more castles per acre than anywhere else in Britain. They’re everywhere! We booked […]