Gardens and woodland walks at Crathes Castle

Most weekends I find myself craving for some fresh country air and a walk through the woods or up a hill. Today we satisfied my craving with a trip to Crathes Castle and a walk on one of the woodland trails there. I keep telling Ben we need a country house where we can spend weekends and holidays. I think he thinks I’m joking.

Crathes Castle is always nice and their gardens are among the best in Aberdeenshire. There are also plenty of woodland walks, A Go Ape zip-lining adventure, and a café for tea and scones.




In this next photo I’m wearing some crochet leg warmers I made. They’re great! I love them and wear them over boots and flats. I’m sharing this now just in case they appear at Paris fashion week so you know you saw them on first 😉


A field of snowdrops.


I’m always very taken with the hedges at Crathes Castle, particularly this one which has grown around a gate.



I wish my glasshouse looked like this.


They’ve even got wattle. I could smell it before I saw it. Wattle is Australia’s national flower.


5 thoughts on “Gardens and woodland walks at Crathes Castle”

    1. We’re lucky to have this place so close. It’s only about a 20 minute drive from Aberdeen and just up the road is another castle – Drum Castle.

    1. I like the leg warmers but please explain to me why you would wear them over boots

      Umm. Because? I wouldn’t be able to lace up my boots if I put them on the inside and if they were on the inside you wouldn’t see them.

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