I got my first covid vaccination jab

I had my first covid vaccine today after receiving my blue appointment letter last Monday. They’re working very methodically through the population going from oldest to youngest. When your turn comes up you get your letter with the appointment date. I’m 45 and it was my turn today.

The whole operation is very slick. You go into the vaccination centre which is the P&J Live conference centre repurposed for vaccinations. There were probably about 100 people there. I didn’t have to wait in line for very long but while I was waiting I was surprised by how emotional I felt. I was a bit teary; not because I was afraid or worried but because it felt significant. In the future we will look back on how we vaccinated 67 million people in 6 months. I also felt very lucky to be one of these 67 million especially when I know there are billions out there who would jump at this chance for a vaccine. Many people younger than me are dying of the disease all over the world.

The walls at the end of each cubicle are covered in children’s drawings and letters, thanking the NHS. I couldn’t look too closely at them because I knew I’d burst into tears if I did. Then it was my turn and I went to the next available cubicle where the nurse asked me a few questions and confirmed my name and address. She then told me which vaccine I was having as no-one knows until they show up. I got Pfizer. I expected to be getting AstraZeneca because this is what Ben had and I thought most people were getting it but today was Pfizer and that’s what I got. I would have been happy with any of them.

It has been two hours and no symptoms so far; not even any tenderness at the injection site. I may feel a bit of fatigue tomorrow and be forced to rest in bed and have tea and breakfast brought to me 😉

I don’t have a photo to share because we were not allowed to take photos in the centre so here’s a cat photo instead.

11 thoughts on “I got my first covid vaccination jab”

  1. They must have done a big batch of letters for everyone our age because I got my letter the Thursday before you..
    I had mine at 8.55 this morning and I always try to get early mornings where possible because they are less crowded. It didn’t take anything like 45 mins, maybe 15-20?? So I was too busy keeping up with the moving queue to take in the surroundings. I felt sorry for the volunteers because I could hear one saying to her colleague she found the noise difficult. It’s annoying that buildings can have poor sound design.
    I had AstraZeneca and I feel slightly sore all over my skin and a bit confused so it’s an early night for me and hope I feel better tomorrow. I don’t mind though, as it’s a sign that the vaccine is working, and I’m not at any of the AZ risks so I might as well take this one. I didn’t realise the same test centre can give out both types, I only knew that some of them can’t have the one that needs special refrigeration.

    1. That’s great that you’ve had yours as well. I also like to do things in the morning but I didn’t get my shot until after 4pm today so it hasn’t been very long for me. My arm is starting to feel sore now. I’m hoping I’ll get a good night’s sleep. I wish the same for you.

  2. I had side-effects show up about 18 hours later, and last for about 18 hours. My other half was faster, but they lasted a lot longer. Next door had no side effects on the first jab, but was floored by the second. There seems to be no logic to it.

      1. Ok, that is strange. I guess we all respond differently. I’ve heard the pfizer jab produces more side-effects after the second one.

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