The snow gods delivered

The plague is raging through the British population faster than an anti-vaccination conspiracy theory on Facebook. I can’t see lockdown ending at all until a significant proportion of the population has been vaccinated. But it’s not all bad: today the snow gods brought snow to cheer spirits and get people outside into the fresh air. We did what any self-respecting family would do under similar circumstances and went sledging.

NB: We have formed an extended household with a friend who lives with a child under 18. This means we are counted as one household and therefore we didn’t meet up with anyone other than our extended household. Extended households are for adults who live alone (including with children under 18) who can form a household with another household so they’re not completely alone. This is not the same as the bubbles people formed over Christmas. An extended household is regarded as one household.

I’m channeling the 1980s with my Moon Boots and knitted leggings. I was so warm I didn’t need my coat.

The dog in the centre of this next photo stole Elizabeth’s hat. We had to chase it around the park to get it back.

9 thoughts on “The snow gods delivered”

  1. What a lovely thing to do. Those are great slopes. My kids never got to go sledging. It was too flat where we lived. And to get anywhere hilly you had to get in the car and I find driving in snow terrifying.

    1. I’m scared driving in the snow too but am finding it easier the more I do it. If you stick to main roads it’s fine because they always grit them. Even driving on slushy snow is fine as long as you take it slowly.

      1. There is a place not far from here, but that it is NOT meant for sledging and would be deemed naughty 🤨 so I cannot say the spot. However, it’s great fun using the ……………. (and here I also cannot say what) as sledges, as these things are the right shape and the padding is great if you start to fall out. 🤪

      2. Ooo now I really want to know what it is you’re using for sledges? The Christmas before last we bought Elizabeth a fancy sledge with steering because she kept going round in circles with her old one then falling out and crying. The new sledge is really great but kind of heavy to carry a long way so it has its downsides.

  2. What fun! The last time we had snow in Christchurch was 2011 and 2012 – you might remember them? The 2011 snowfall looked beautiful in the sun, and was referred to as ‘The Icing on the Quake’ – lol!

    1. I left just before the 2011-2012 snow. That’s such a long time ago – I can’t believe it hasn’t snowed since then! Christchurch is quite a bit warmer than Aberdeen. We usually get snow every winter but it never lasts more than a few days. Except for last winter when we didn’t get any at all.

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