Omicron land

We’re living in Omicron land here with the new variant taking over as the most dominant in Scotland as of today. Things change so rapidly. Last month the UK was in the best position in Europe to manage the virus over the winter. Then Omicron arrived.

I’m not so worried about getting sick although I’d still like to avoid it as much as possible. But I’ve become paranoid that we’ll be contacted as a close-contact by test and trace and then have to cancel our Christmas holiday for the second year running while we quarantine for 10 days. For this reason, we’ve been in our own mini lockdown since Monday, canceling everything we could.

Ben did have to go to work one day to get some things and also to get his vaccine booster. Other than that we’ve been holed up at home. We’re lucky that we’ve had this option. If we can make it through to next week then I’ll relax a bit. My booster is booked for January.

Everyone who tests positive today will have to spend Christmas alone in quarantine. Not fun! And lots of people are testing positive and lots of people are getting pinged as close contacts. Over 90,000 people tested positive for covid today. That’s another 90,000 people who will be isolating at home on Christmas day.

4 thoughts on “Omicron land”

  1. It’s now here in NZ, too, although it’s just arrived and the numbers are small at the moment. That won’t last, of course, but we might manage to squeak through Christmas before getting told we can’t socialise anymore. Didn’t we take our freedom of movement for granted before all this? We thought that unmanageable plagues were either a thing of the past, or only badly affected third world countries. What a wake up call! I wonder if we’ll ever really establish where and how Covid19 started.

    1. Yes, I never imagined a world like this which in hindsight seems silly. Of course, another pandemic was always going to happen it was just a matter of when. I just never considered it before. I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually comes out that the virus was leaked from a lab in Wuhan. The more time that passes without finding an animal host the more likely the lab-leak theory becomes.

  2. Good luck with keeping free of it until Christmas and I hope you have a nice time away. I am meeting three friends tomorrow evening but actually I am not that keen and we have all agreed to keep it short. Luckily we are only one household so isolating isn’t a problem – just need to make sure we have lots of food in.
    With all this isolation it’s nice to receive your posts every few days and here what lovely things your family is getting up to.

  3. YIkes. This is what is coming to the US, I’m assuming. It’s only a matter of time. We are currently dealing with yet another surge of cases from the Delta variant as a result of Thanksgiving gatherings. Our cases doubled in my hospital system in the past week. Healthcare providers are so tired of this. The light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting moved…

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