A clothing library

I got some great stuff at the charity shop on the weekend. One treasure is this turtleneck top made by Geiger of Austria which I bought for £7.



I’ve not heard of this brand before, probably because it’s out of my price range, but I love wearing turtlenecks in winter and this one is very thick and warm and made with wool. It’s in such good condition too with no pilling at all.

I also got this fab navy velvet skirt. It’s from White Stuff but only cost me £7 and looks new. The top also came from the charity shop and is a mix of wool and nylon.


It’s fun to wear different clothes without having to spend much money. When I tire of them I take them back to the charity shop. This got me thinking about whether there’d be any demand for a clothing library. The idea is that you pay a monthly fee, borrow the clothes you want to wear that month, then return them and borrow a new set. If there’s something you really like then there’d be an option to buy it permanently. I wonder whether there’d be much demand for this but then maybe that’s kind of how charity shops work anyway.

6 thoughts on “A clothing library”

  1. Christine loves charity shops too and has found several bargains there. Some are suitable for our cruise, others are more casual. We look forward to visiting new towns, to find more charity shops. I look for Polo Shirts with pocket and man bags.

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