Vintage clothing

As my readers of my blog will know I’m a big fan of vintage clothes. I’ve been visiting charity shops for decades; long before it became fashionable. Old and second-hand things have a mystery that appeals to me. Who owned them before? What were they like? How did they use them? Second-hand things have a story to tell. Often the older something is the more appealing I find it.

A few months ago I discovered Vinted: a site where you can buy and sell clothes. There are no selling fees and the buyer pays postage. You get paid when the item arrives and the buyer confirms everything is ok. I’ve sold a few things now and you can either transfer the money to your bank account or use it to buy something from someone else.

This week I bought a show-stopping pink sequin jumpsuit. It’s made in the UK by The Pretty Dress Company.

According to the seller I bought it from it’s one of only two ever made. The other was made for Tess Daly on Strictly Come Dancing in 2019. The pink jumpsuit was made bespoke for Tess Daly because although The Pretty Dress Company did stock the jumpsuit they only sold it in gold and black. However, the seller I purchased it from managed to get one in the pink by contacting the designer after the episode of Strictly Come Dancing and having a second one made for herself with the leftover fabric.

I’m not sure why she’s selling it now but I suppose people wear outfits like this once or twice and then decide they don’t need it any more. It’s lucky for me because I absolutely love it, especially in the pink.

It’s super comfortable and there’s plenty of room for an expanding stomach after a large meal.

5 thoughts on “Vintage clothing”

  1. I always feel I’m in for a treat when I see one of your subject lines mention vintage clothing. That jumpsuit is so well cut.
    I have started looking out for a brand called Finery London second hand on eBay because they do a good cut and people always compliment the flow of my clothes when I wear them. They do a big range of jumpsuits and I have a couple, I do think a jumpsuit must be particularly difficult to cut well.
    Hope you find a good occasion to wear it out soon.

    1. Finery London looks good. I hadn’t heard of them before. ebay is also good for finding second-hand bargains. I’ve found some good stuff on ebay.

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