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  • Crochet Audrey 2, Christmas tree, and Daniel is taller than me

    Crochet Audrey 2, Christmas tree, and Daniel is taller than me

    Another weekend disappears. Daniel told me last week that he didn’t want to go anywhere for the next couple of weekends as he’s studying for exams. He’s so studious but then I was the same. He’s taller than me now by nearly 2cm. We measured today. That happened very quickly. He’s shooting up at a […]

  • O Christmas tree

    O Christmas tree

    We put our Christmas tree up last weekend. It’s the same timber tree we use every year that we bought in the UK several years ago. Unfortunately the company appears to have gone out of business now but we love our tree. The lights are up in the city centre and they’re very pretty, especially […]

  • Time to put up the Christmas tree

    Time to put up the Christmas tree

    We always put up our Christmas tree on the first weekend in December and we’ve just done it today. We have a Timbatree¬†which we use every year. I bought it because I wanted to reduce my¬†impact on the environment and a Timbatree is a good way to do it while supporting a British business at […]

  • Aberdeen Christmas Village

    There’s a Christmas village in Aberdeen this year! This is apparently the first time the city has had one so we went and had a look. We went first on Saturday afternoon and it was heaving. In fact it was so busy that we decided to leave and come back again first thing this morning […]

  • Angels, Christmas Trees, and Opshopping

    Elizabeth said to me today, “I know what angels look like”. To which I replied, “How do you know what angels look like?”. Elizabeth: “Because Mr MacDonald (not his real name) put one up on the white screen”. Then I asked her what they look like and she said, “An orange clown”. The kids have […]