O Christmas tree

We put our Christmas tree up last weekend. It’s the same timber tree we use every year that we bought in the UK several years ago. Unfortunately the company appears to have gone out of business now but we love our tree.

The lights are up in the city centre and they’re very pretty, especially since it’s already quite dark here and the sun is setting at 3:30pm now.

There’s still no snow here but it’s falling inland. Maybe we’ll see some snow on the weekend.

7 thoughts on “O Christmas tree”

  1. There is something very comforting of having the same tree and decorations each year …. no matter how worn out they get.
    While I was waiting for my first born about 50 years ago I painted some figures from a little kit. We used them every year.
    I haven’t decorated for years.
    Some years ago I was tossing stuff and asking the kids if they wanted this or that. One of the things my son wanted were the little painted Christmas figures. (faded and ratty as they were).

    1. Those home-made decorations are the best! That’s so great that you still have them after such a long time and not surprising that this is what your son wanted. Did he put them on his tree?

  2. When I was a kid we still celebrated Christmas in the UK way, and sending Christmas cards with winter snow scenes on them was common – lol! Now, it’s more of a hybrid celebration that includes both southern and northern hemisphere conditions and traditions. For example, I sent my niece in the US a Christmas card depicting Santa in a flying waka with a kiwi and a kea as his ‘elves’ 😊

    1. I think countries in the southern hemisphere should celebrate Christmas in June. It’s really a celebration of the shortest day of the year and the beginning of longer days which for the southern hemisphere is June 21. It doesn’t feel as Christmassy when it’s hot and sunny and Christmas lights are pretty pointless when it doesn’t get dark.

      1. Yes, June would make more sense as far as the meaning of Christmas goes. We are celebrating Matariki more and more at that time of year now, so maybe we’ll end up with our own tradition after all, as well as the Christmas in December one.

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