Angels, Christmas Trees, and Opshopping

Elizabeth said to me today, “I know what angels look like”. To which I replied, “How do you know what angels look like?”. Elizabeth: “Because Mr MacDonald (not his real name) put one up on the white screen”. Then I asked her what they look like and she said, “An orange clown”.

The kids have been talking quite a lot about Jesus. State schools here are supposedly secular but they include some kind of weekly religious program in the curriculum. This is not taught from an academic, objective point of view but rather by a minister or pastor or someone like that. Even though we’re atheist, I’m not particularly bothered. I remember having to sit through weekly religious education classes in primary school and it didn’t do me any harm. I’ve just told both of them that neither mummy nor daddy believes in God but that it’s up to them if they want to or not. I suppose Christianity is a part of our culture and tradition and so in this sense there is possibly some value in retaining it in schools on some level.

I accompanied Daniel’s class on an excursion to see Frozen today. It was really good with all the kids singing along to the songs and adding to the atmosphere. I got quite teary a number of times though and felt very stupid and pathetic. Kids’ movies always make me cry.

We finally got a Christmas tree and opted for something a little unusual this year. We got a wooden tree from Timba tree. They’re a little pricey but look and smell really nice and it’s something we’ll keep forever so it will pay for itself after about three years. It’s also made in Great Britain so you could say we’re contributing to the economy 🙂 Elizabeth decorated it this afternoon.


I’ve got so many clothes, way too many in fact, but most of them I’ve bought from charity shops. I love charity shops. There’s something quite exciting about finding treasures that someone else has thrown away. I had a favourite charity shop (or opshop as Antipodeans call them) in Auckland and an opshop buddy who was just as nuts about it as me. I miss you, Pascale! But I’m just discovering Aberdeen’s selection of opshops and this week I got this nice top for £4 (it’s got cashmere in it).

pic1A girl’s just gotta have a nice selection of clothes to choose from to suit the mood, the weather, or whatever she fancies and it’s nice to do this guilt-free by opshopping.