Ben sitting in bed with his laptop and wearing the knitted jumper I made.

I finished knitting a jumper

I finished knitting Ben’s jumper today. It took me quite a while but there was a lot of yarn to knit. I’m pleased with the end result and I think Ben is too. It’s maybe a bit on the large size but better too big than too small I guess.

Ben sitting in bed looking at the camera and wearing his blue knitted jumper.

Victoria helped me tie up the loose ends.

Victoria the cat sitting on my yarn.

I finished it while watching possibly the worst movie ever made: Covid-21: Lethal Virus. It’s a zombie movie with a dreadful plot, poor acting, awful cinematography, terrible music, and a disappointing ending. But all these things combined made it passably entertaining. Indeed we only decided to watch it because we saw it got 1.7/10 on IMDB and I’ve never seen a film with such a low rating. Victoria enjoyed it too.

Victoria the cat sitting on armchair watching the film.

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