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  • Aurora hunting, vegan treats, and made in Scotland

    Aurora hunting, vegan treats, and made in Scotland

    We went aurora hunting last night because every newspaper said we’d see a magnificent light show when a solar storm arrived, supposedly sometime between 6pm and 9pm. But it turned out to be a non-event because there was no aurora. We drove to Dunnottar Castle thinking it would be a good spot because it’s away […]

  • Crochet Merida

    Crochet Merida

    I’ve been working on this doll for Elizabeth for a very long time now and finally finished it … almost. I just need to make something for Merida to put her arrows (toothpicks) in. I didn’t use a pattern. I just made it up and used yarn that I already had in my stash. Why I […]

  • Mr Lemon

    Elizabeth drew a face on a lemon the other day and now takes the thing with her everywhere. She even took it to school today. Unfortunately the waxy surface of the lemon is not a very good surface for drawing anything permanent and the face invariably rubs off. Last night she woke up in the middle of […]

  • Crocheted angry bird on drugs

    Crocheted angry bird on drugs

    Daniel, who is 6 years old, has become obsessed with angry birds. He has started asking me for angry bird toys so I did what any self-respecting mother would do, I made him one. 🙂 Unfortunately the bird’s pupils are disproportionately large, hence the title for my post. This bird is high on cocaine.