Loaf of sourdough with two pieces sliced.

Knitting, baking, and ants

I’m turning into an old woman as I spent last weekend knitting, baking, and gardening. I took up knitting in the new year and have barely put the needles down. Oh knitting, where have you been all my life? I always thought knitting was too hard and so stuck with what I knew which is crochet. But in December I found a jersey pattern I really wanted to make and so took up the challenge.

I’m nearly finished the jersey which is for Elizabeth and will share photos when I’m done. It has mistakes and isn’t perfect but I’m still pleased with it. Knitting is slower than crochet but I find as I get older I’m more patient and I think this is part of the pleasure of making garments yourself. There’s no quick win – you don’t have a fully made garment overnight like you would if you went to the shops. Instead it takes time and effort. Knitting also uses less yarn than crochet which is a bonus.

I’ve also got back into baking sourdough. Ever since giving up salt I’ve been baking my own bread because I couldn’t find any bread in the shops without salt but I’ve been using yeast to make it. This week I bought some sourdough starter from Hodmedods – my previous attempts at making sourdough had relied on my own homemade starter. It never really worked. With this new starter I’ve pulled two very good loaves of bread from the oven so far. Yum!

Loaf of sourdough

I finally got a video of one of the worker ants in Elizabeth’s ant colony taking a dead fruit fly back into the nest. Sorry for the blurriness at the very end.

This is her setup. It’s a founding colony which means it’s only just starting out and is still very small with one queen and around 10 worker ants. The foil over the test tube is to keep them in the dark which apparently they prefer.

Clear acrylic box with a thin layer of sand on the bottom, a test tube and a piece of tin foil over the test tube. This is the ant colony's home.

5 thoughts on “Knitting, baking, and ants”

  1. It’s amazing that they can start from such small beginnings. I hope it carries on growing successfully. The video reminds me of how my Syrian hamster loves to drag the chewy end of a cabbage around the playpen, and then to take it into his burrow back in his cage. Our dwarf hamster has no interest in dragging cabbage, but likes to push paper out of an envelope.

    1. Haha do you give him an envelope with paper in it as an activity? I can imagine our hamster doing that as I have several houses in his enclosure and they’re filled with bedding which usually ends up all over the place.

  2. Your weekend sounded so delightful! “Old ladies” knew what was up knitting, baking, and gardening all day. Great stress reducers. 🤣😌 Anyway, you gave me a whole new appreciation for ants. My best friend has a farm too, only it’s for jumping spiders.

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