Victoria lying on her back looking up and exposing a very white fluffy tummy.

Pets and wildlife

I think Victoria has been missing the hamsters. She used to like sitting above Daisy’s cage watching her. It was hamster TV.

Just before Daisy died she came out of her burrow and simply stopped moving. I knew it was over then. Victoria started making whiny noises and tapped on the side to try to get her to move. Hamsters are never out of their burrows and motionless – they’re always actively moving around and doing hamstery things. When they’re motionless they’re in the burrows sleeping.

I’ve disinfected every hamster item I can and thrown out all the other stuff since I’m not sure where the pathogen that infected them both came from. Maybe we brought it in with the dirt we put in Bella’s cage at one point to see whether she’d like it?

I’m very glad we’ve got one healthy pet still. Don’t be fooled by the fluffy tummy. It’s a trap!

It turns out there’s not one fox but two visiting our garden at the moment.

They’re eating the hedgehog food the hedgehogs don’t eat.

Meanwhile I thought I had managed to outwit the pigeons with my ground feeder for the black birds. Watch this pigeon walking circles around the feeder wondering how to reach the food. Just ignore the date on this video. Sometimes the date on my camera resets back to factory time for some strange reason so if I don’t check it everyday I can end up with 2021 for the year.

Unfortunately it’s the pigeons who outwitted me. It’s pigeons – 1 and Rachel – 0

5 thoughts on “Pets and wildlife”

  1. Hamsters are fascinating to watch. Rob’s hamster is much more active when his cage is on the table. When it is on the floor he spends a lot of time in his house asleep.
    I mentioned that he was getting quite fat a few weeks ago but since he has had a change of scenery he has been busier and slimmed down.
    It is a real mystery where that pathogen came from, I suppose there are so many possibilities it’s amazing they don’t succumb more often.

      1. I can’t believe I’ve just spent the last half hour peering at pictures of hamsters to work out which he is, but yes I think he is a syrian. He doesn’t seem as long as the 5-7 inches that the websites describe, is yours that size?

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