Bella’s home

Bella has a new environment. It’s quite a unique-looking hamster habitat by Omlet. Omlet has put a lot of thought into the design and the bottom level is a deep drawer that you can fill with bedding. Hamsters like to dig burrows and most cages you buy at pet stores have a tiny tray at the bottom for a thin layer of bedding. I like the Qute from Omlet because we can fill it up with a deep layer of bedding and it’s also easy to clean as it’s a drawer that can be pulled out.

The top-level is for feeding and exercise and there’s a tunnel in the middle to move between levels. At first, I thought she’d never figure out this verticle tunnel which looked quite difficult to find especially with one end buried in bedding. But Bella has had no trouble and goes up and down quite easily.

She spends a lot of time buried in the bedding at the bottom so she clearly likes it there. When we put fresh food in the top we’ll see a twitching nose appear and then she makes her way to the tunnel and comes upstairs. Sometimes she’ll fill the pouches in her mouth with food then carry it back to a cave she’s made for herself in the downstairs part.

My only complaint with it is it’s a little on the small side – although bigger than her old home. We’re planning to link it up via tunnel tubes to her old cage to make it bigger. It’s also made in China which is disappointing since I’m still trying to buy local as much as possible.

We put in some natural materials for foraging and exploring and she loves them. They’ve really enriched her home. It’s feels good to make another creature happy.

7 thoughts on “Bella’s home”

  1. Has the other hamster already got a bigger cage? The tunnel setup to the other smaller cage should keep Bella more entertained, especially the foliage and natural materials get changed every so often.

  2. I went through a period where I thought I could have hens in my roof garden using an Omlet but then realised it would be impractical – they like grass. I also would have liked to buy a nice home for Rhiannon’s hamster, but unfortunately he died before we got round to it. She kept him in a big box and cleaning was very awkward.

    1. I used to have hens in Brisbane and they don’t actually like grass that much. They prefer a forest floor environment with lots of dirt and leaf litter for foraging and dust bathing. Grass is pretty boring for hens.

      1. Maybe that’s why all the people who said they had them on grass found that they reduced it to mud? Everyone agreed that hens are easily bored, they said you need to provide them with environments they can explore.

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