Cat walk

Victoria jumps into her new carry backpack quite often and yesterday when she did that we decided to take her out for a walk just to give it a try. We did one lap of Duthie Park and she seemed to enjoy it. At least, she didn’t display any objections like meowing or trying to get out. There are lots of dogs at Duthie Park so I suspect she’s more comfortable viewing the dogs from an elevated vantage point than from the ground.

I haven’t tried her harness on her yet so we couldn’t leave the top open but she didn’t mind. The top is mesh too so I’m not sure what would happen in the rain.

6 thoughts on “Cat walk”

  1. You’ll have to get/make a cool umbrella hat for the rainy days šŸ˜€ She looks like she’s loving the adventure. So adorable.

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