gulls eating bread

Gull dinner party

I baked another dud sourdough loaf which I threw onto the back lawn. A colony of gulls swooped in and demolished it all in less than a minute.

Before the gulls arrived some local birds had a go. I got this one brave bird feasting right in front of Victoria our cat. I’m not sure why they eat it when I have proper bird seed out in two places high out of reach of the cat. Maybe bread is like junk food for birds?

4 thoughts on “Gull dinner party”

  1. Gulls are annoying when they attack bin bags – we have no bins in the centre of town and I don’t have room to store one on my property. However I have found that by commandeering old bubble wrap and parcel tape, i can make gull proof parcels. And I was thinking how after 6 years living a few miles from the coast, and working and often holidaying in coastal towns, life would sound strange without gulls.
    Is that a magpie? They seem to like eating most things.

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