The Zoology building at the University of Aberdeen is being used as a film location for the film Tetris which is set in the cold-war era Soviet Union. They’ve been filming all weekend and closed off part of Tillydrone Avenue so we went to check it out.

This is the Zoology building at the University of Aberdeen. Ben thinks it’s too ugly for a Soviet-era building.

Universities the world over built some pretty ugly buildings in the 1960s and this one is no exception. Usually they stick the maths department in them but this one contains zoology. It’s telling that it has been chosen as a film location for communist Soviet Union. Tragically the building collapsed during construction in 1966 killing 5 people.

Tetris was invented in Russia and the movie will follow the legal battles over ownership of the game. Taron Egerton (Rocketman) plays game develop Henk Rogers. That’s him in the centre of my photo just above the G. ELORG stands for Elektronorgtechnica although I’m not sure why the sign doesn’t use Cyrillic.

They put some Russian telephone booths on the street.

There are lots of old cars parked outside.

They were filming while we were there; filming the same scene over and over again. It was very exciting because we heard them say “Rolling!” and “Cut!”. Locals were out in force to watch it. We’ll definitely have to watch the film when it comes out so we can find out what exactly was happening in the scene we saw.

Afterwards we went for a walk in Seaton Park which is another huge park in Aberdeen but on the north side of the city near the university. It’s lovely because it’s hilly and the River Don runs through it.

There are two big rivers in Aberdeen: the Don and the Dee. Both support lots of wildlife including otters, salmon, seals, and dolphins.

On the way home we cycled through the university and I took some photos of the library which is a striking building designed by Danish architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen.

The inside of the library is just as impressive, perhaps more so, but alas, it is closed because of this pesky virus.

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