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  • Moscow-on-Don


    The Zoology building at the University of Aberdeen is being used as a film location for the film Tetris which is set in the cold-war era Soviet Union. They’ve been filming all weekend and closed off part of Tillydrone Avenue so we went to check it out. This is the Zoology building at the University […]

  • But where do you get your protein?

    But where do you get your protein?

    We tried to go and see The Game Changers at the cinema last weekend: we bought tickets, we bought popcorn, but at the last moment we got stopped because the documentary is rated 15+ and Daniel and Elizabeth are not 15. They gave us our money back but I was very disappointed and I felt […]

  • The Game Changers

    The Game Changers

    I’m really looking forward to seeing The Game Changers, a documentary directed by Louis Psihoyos and produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and Jackie Chan. If you’re in Aberdeen it’s on at the Belmont Filmhouse this evening at 6:30pm. It looks like it will be available on iTunes from early October. The movie challenges the […]

  • Budding film stars

    The kids have spent the past couple of days making a movie with some friends. The four of them made a trailer and a movie called Jungle Adventure. It’s brilliant! It’s quite funny although technically speaking it’s supposed to be a fantasy/action flick. They did everything themselves – the script, the camera work, choosing the […]

  • Okja – Film Review

    A soulless multinational company develops a giant pig which poops less and eats less than regular pigs while providing a greater volume of meat. The company sends a number of these super pigs to farmers all over the world to raise for ten years. One of them is sent to South Korea where the farmer’s […]