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  • Moscow-on-Don


    The Zoology building at the University of Aberdeen is being used as a film location for the film Tetris which is set in the cold-war era Soviet Union. They’ve been filming all weekend and closed off part of Tillydrone Avenue so we went to check it out. This is the Zoology building at the University […]

  • Bicycles, birds, and mathematicians

    We’ve just returned from a very enjoyable departmental party at Ben’s work. The pure maths department is very small so it was a small and friendly gathering. There were some other kids there and they paired up with our kids and spent the time tearing about the place and burning off energy. We cycled there and home […]

  • Job losses at the University of Aberdeen

    Aberdeen University are calling for voluntary redundancies in a bid to save money. At this stage it is just voluntary but typically in these situations, if enough people don’t volunteer, they progress to forced redundancies. The physical sciences and mathematics are usually fairly safe so I think the chances of Ben losing his job are quite small, […]

  • The University of Aberdeen

    I love universities. I went to kindergarten at a university. When I started school I spent many afternoons at a university since there wasn’t always someone at home to look after us after school so my sister and I went to the university where my father worked – and still does – instead. We would draw pictures on the […]